6 Best Practices to drive more traffic to e-commerce website



1. Being Authentic :

Enquires from a visitor onto sales or support line must not be like having a representative read a scripted answer and then hanging up, so as social media should not be on autopilot either. Seller should monitor their profiles regularly so that they can respond in a timely manner and be authentic with the response made.

2. Being Visual:

Visual content on social media has never been more popular. Sharing a photo or creating an infographic is a great way to grab the attention of followers and attract new ones. One way to add visual content is to encourage followers to share visual content through contests and incentive programs. These types of tactics can be very effective when it comes to creating brand buzz.

3. Building Relationships:

Building relationships is the driving reason behind using social media. However, it can be difficult to establish a meaningful connection which is why one’s social media efforts should not be solely based on posting updates alone and hoping to reach people. One needs to seek people who can help in building social media awareness – influencers that are well connected and well-respected in the community.

4. Use hashtags:

Hashtags help the contents get discovered more frequently on social media platforms. They organize content, expand the reach of the posts, and promote interaction.

5. Being consistent:

Posting content on a regular basis is critical to improve customer engagement and drive more traffic to ecommerce website. Also sharing the right content and Using high-conversion keywords in posts can increase their visibility in search and thereby enable to reach an even larger audience .

6. Using paid advertising:

Taking social media marketing to the next level with Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, or Promoted Tweets that are linked back to a product page for conversion. As long as they’re highly targeted, these paid options can help dramatically boost website traffic.

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