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One single platform for all sorts of website themes and templates

Theme Pyxis is one single platform for unique, modern, creative design content for all sorts of website themes and templates. It aims at developing design contents which looks elegant, is responsive, simple and accessible to everyone.

Presently only HTML, WordPress and Joomla templates or themes are available but many others will be introduced very soon. Ready-to-use themes and templates are all tested, well documented and very easy to use so that one can just download and build your own website with less effort and less time. For HTML one has to have atleast some sort of coding knowledge whereas CMS templates/themes like joomla/wordpress are for non-technical users. Plugins is another important section, many a times we are in short of proper scripts, even after going through lot many forums and tutorials we don't get the exact script. So this is the place, view a demo and keep downloading.

Build websites and Have Fun!!

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